Saturday, June 9, 2012

Surprise Girls!!

This post is dedicated to Lori, SoniaJen for all the sweet and encouraging blog support I get from these girls.  They motivate me with their awesome, godly inspiring words;  hilarious, witty stories of motherhood and their beautiful photography and adorable children!  It befuddles me as to how I canNOT get a post up but once every few months with these cheerleaders of mine!!!  :  )

So, girls.....this one's for you!!

An overview of what life has been like here at our little house on the prairie:

It's almost been a year home with Hudson and Sophie and to say it was easy would be a lie.
When bringing home two, I would say (in our experience) it takes twice as long to adjust and is definitely twice as hard.  Maybe it's the ages of our two newest (8 & 14).  Maybe it's the challenges that Sophie brings.  I say Sophie, because she has a lot of issues that Hudson does not.  I feel like he's been here forever and has molded to our family easily and instantly.  Sophie will just take longer to adjust and learn.

We homeschooled our kids this year.  A first for me!  While it was not easy- it was rewarding.  My new kids got to learn about family life with us and the four of them had a lot of time to get to know each other.  Since the first year is always the hardest we plan to do it again next year.  And now that I know where Hudson and Sophie are academically it will be easier to know where to start everyone grade wise.

Trey played football, basketball, wrestled and now baseball.
Hudson wrestled, went to basketball camp and is playing baseball.
Isabella and Sophie go to Christian dance lessons that a couple of girls in our church started.  They love it.  Isabella is also playing softball and very good at it!!
They all went to Awana and learned  a lot of scripture.  Trey, Hudson and Isabella finished their books.  It was much harder for Sophie but she did learn a few verses and did great.  She really enjoys meeting new people.

Trent and I went to London, England for 8 days in May.  Between his mom, my mom and 2 sisters the kids were completely taken care of.  They did great being away from us for that long.  We had everyone stay here at the house with them to keep their routine.  The last 3 days were spent at my mom's on the farm with plenty to do.  What a wonderful vacation it was to not have to cut up anyone's food, say "close your mouth when you chew" a million times.  Take them to the bathroom, tell them not to touch anything and wash their hands.  Deal with mean words, fighting and attitudes.  We were actually able to have a conversation alone!!  What would we do without our awesome family?!

The 3 Amigos left for Kamp this morning.  (That would be Trey, Emma and Jonah.)  This is the photo I got about 3 hours after they left.

It took me awhile to figure out where Trey was.  Him and Emma are snuggling on the back seat.
They have done this on road trips ever since they were little.

In one week the rest of our family (and a LOT of friends) will be at the greatest place on earth:  Kamp-Kauai!  Hudson and Sophie have been watching our past Family Kamp videos all year and are excited to go!  Last year at Kamp was when I received my LOA's for both of them and worked on paperwork all week.  So glad I won't be doing that this year!!

I guess I won't promise when my next post will be since I obviously can't keep them!  :  )
So, until next time.......

Here are Trey and Jonah arriving at Kamp.


  1. Dude! A post! A real live post!!! I'm so excited!!! And girl....I'm totally thinking that Kamp would be wicked cool next year! I need details woman! Help me!

  2. Whoo Hoo!! Go read the post I just put will make you feel better! I feel like I'm packing for a dang trip to China this week!! That on top of the dance recital and then a house showing scheduled for Friday and I'm a flippin' crazy person!!! Love you...can't wait to see you in just a few days!!!