Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sheep are stinky and stupid.
And I have a lot of pictures of them!!

When you take care of them everyday for 3 months they kind of grow on you.
You become attached.  You give them names.
They start to watch for you to feed them.
You go for long walks together,  bathe them and give them woolcuts.
Before you know it they are part of the family.  A pet.
(We won't talk about what happens after the fair.)

Then the competition starts.  Who has the nicest lamb, who has the best looking lamb.
Each one thinks theirs is the best no matter what some judge in the show ring thinks.
As they should.

Before the 4-H Sheep Show starts we have to give them another bath.  
The have to sparkle and shine!!
(And not stink so much.)
Isabella and Pedro

Grandpa and Grandma are our 4-H mentors.  
They love to see the kids do well and take pride in all their hard work.
Grandpa helps Sophie dry her sheep, Belle.

All done!!
Now it's time for THEIR showers before the show!!!

After everyone has had a shower and lunch we head on over to the Livestock barn to show.
Here are 6 of the 9 cousins walking over from the camper.

I cannot say how proud I am of Sophie!
Although she couldn't really converse with the judge when he asked her about her lamb, she smiled the whole time and showed her lamb well.  I was just hoping she wouldn't trip over her own two feet!!
For a girl who doesn't like to sweat and get dirty, she has done amazing!!!

Of course this little Diva is just happy doing WHATEVER!!!

This little guy is amazing.  He looked like he had been doing this as long as Trey!
He will definitely be winning some purple ribbons in the future!

Trey had the best attitude.  He really fell in love with his lamb this year.
He won Reserve Grand Champion in Fitting and Showing.

Here is Sophie with the judge.  See the smile?

Sophie got a blue ribbon in the Market Lamb class. that a smile?!

This is the Junior Class for Fitting and Showing.
It should've been called "The Cousins Class"!!
This is 7 out of the 9 cousins!!!
It was so sweet to watch them all show their lambs together.

Isabella talking to the judge.

Hudson is trying to set his lamb up.

I caught a picture of Hudson petting his lamb in the ring.
All eyes are supposed to be on the judge while your lamb is bracing.

Trey winning Reserve Grand Champion.

Isabella makes us all laugh!
Here she is resting her elbow on her sheep IN THE RING!!
Not only did she do this but when she first got out there she did a little dance.
Not even kidding!!
She also does this on the softball field.  It doesn't matter if she's in the field, on a base or up to bat.  When she feels like breaking out into her happy dance- she does it!!!


Little Pedro got away from her twice and she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

One year ago on this day, Sophie was sitting in China waiting for me 
to come and get her a few days before her 14th birthday.  Look at her now.  

Sophie and Trey with Grandpa Garrett.


  1. Looks like they did a great job! I have many fond memories of the Norton County Fair. Spent all my time at the top of the hill doing style review and with my baked goods!!

  2. Oh my your kids are adorable! I love the pictures of Isabella dancing and the sheep getting away totally cracked me up-so cute! But I was really struck by Sophie, I have followed your blog since your trip to China to get bring her and Hudson home-what a beautiful young lady she is growing up to be. I am often curious as to how she is doing?

    Ontario, Canada

  3. Wow!! Two posts in 1 week???? I must be dreaming!! I love this post. I have to say...Sophie looks beautiful, proud and just happy! I am so happy for her! Your littles are adorable too...makes me think I'd be willing to get dirty and sweaty too, just to see them :)

    Can't beat the dancing softball pics...LOVE. Have a feeling that will be my Gracie in a few years!

    Love you! Miss you!!

  4. Just precious, all of it! Thanks for all the updates and the pictures. I just love hearing about how all you are adjusting. Congratulations on everything!

    Cathy and Naomi

  5. I don't know what took me so long, but I've just spent the past two hours here!!!! Wow! I'm beyond impressed Stacy Richmond!!! Incredible blogging, friend! I chose to comment on this one, because I was literally moved by the photos of Sophie. She does not even look like the same girl! I know it's been a really difficult year and no one would know that better than YOU.... but your blood, sweat, and tears are paying off... I see a glistening in her eyes that brightens her whole face! She looks confident and happy. And Izzy.... what can you say about Izzy, except "I ADORE that little girl!!!" Her free spirit and overwhelming JOY make me smile EVERY TIME!!!! Your boys are gorgeous! Both of them! But I can't help but look at Hudson and wonder where that scared little boy that we stared at for months went!?!?!? Stacy~ You are doing an incredible job and making such a difference in the lives of those precious children God has given you! So glad He brought you into my life to walk the journey together! Hugs from Florida tonight! I love you, sweet friend! Lori