Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is what we've been doing all summer.

It's so much work.  The mornings are early and the nights are late.  But it's fun to watch the kids with all their cousins walking their sheep morning and night, and to ride in the mornings at the arena with Grandpa as their coach.  
We just might be the most blessed family ever!!

Besides learning how to feed, water and walk their sheep they have to learn to show them.
Here, Grandpa is showing Isabella and Hudson how to brace their lambs for the judge.

The night before the fair starts we wash and clip horses and sheep.
This year we had 10 sheep and 6 horses!!
Trey has a new horse this year and he is loving her!!

This was the morning of the horse show (yesterday).  How adorable is my little Chinese Cowboy?!!
I had to get a picture of this because he buttoned his shirt all the way to the top and his buttons were off.  It was just too cute.

Trey starting his bareback class.

I love the way these two are brothers to the core.  They couldn't be any closer to each other.
Here is a conversation they were having during a break.

Grandpa and Hudson sitting on the rail watching Trey and his cousins.

Reining Class.

Trey had a great day with his new horse.
All his  hard work paid off and next year will be even better.
He is taking after his big brother, Wesley, and is going to be an awesome horseman.

This morning we took our sheep to the fair to check them in.
Tomorrow is the sheep show and it should be interesting.  Sophie and Hudson have no idea what this all means.  At least Isabella has seen this two years now.  
I know Hudson will do well.  I am praying that Sophie just has a good time.   So far she has enjoyed her lamb and does a good job walking it and taking care of it.

More photos tomorrow!!
And this isn't even all of them!
There were three cousins missing on this morning.

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  1. Oh how I love every one of these pics!!! There's a part of me that would so love that! (not all of me though because I can be pretty prissy!!) lol... I love the shot of Trey laying on his horse!! I also love the shots of Trey and Hudson...precious! You captured them perfectly!!! Thanks for posting these!!!!