Monday, July 30, 2012


What a week!!
What a weekend!!!

After an awesome and very busy week at the fair, my two best friends came to town for our 25 year class reunion.  It was so fun to see a few classmates and reminisce both Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday the girls and I drove to Hays for Kim's bridal shower.
I was reminded the other day the wedding is only two weeks away.
Can't even believe it!   Holy Cow!

So, the next thing on my list (after a very special birthday) is to find a dress for the wedding.
That will require another long trip somewhere out of town.  Ugh.

Because last week was so crazy I hadn't even thought what was coming up this week.
It is Sophie's first birthday here with her family!!  Tomorrow, July 31st is my wedding anniversary and her Gotcha Day.  Thursday is her 15th birthday.  I am so excited for her first birthday home!
Now I just need to figure out how to do something special in only 3 days.  Any ideas????

Isabella and Sophie got to get in on the fun and have a sweet wedding dress designed for them!!
Both girls absolutely adore Kimmy and can't wait for Wesley to marry her.
Isabella's advice to Kim during the shower was, "to have a baby girl."   Too cute!!

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