Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Official

I am now a Mother-in-Law.
I have added another to my brood.
The good thing is....she was a much less painful addition than my biological or adopted kiddos!!

The wedding was beautiful.  Kim was beautiful.
And Wesley was as handsome as ever.
(I love my baby boy.)

When he was little we read the book Love You Forever all the time and I would say to him often;
I'll love you forever 
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living 
My baby you'll be.

I cried every single time I read that book.

This post has a lot of pictures so if you aren't family you might be bored!

The only reason I have photos from the church is because Trent grabbed the camera. 
Otherwise I would have NOTHIN'!!
And I have to say that he captured some awesome shots of the kids.
Hudson, Jace, Trey

Isabella & Jenessa

I saw Father Kevin coming and grabbed the camera--I couldn't get over the cowboy hat!!

Both girls were beautiful.  Isabella was the flower girl and of course she did her job like a pro!  She had the biggest smile on her face and walked down the isle so proud.  On her way, she smiled and waved at the audience.  She will one day be Miss America, I swear!!

Sophie was the perfect lady.  I just can't say how proud I am of her.  She never once gave me trouble and was confident and did not cling to me or others.  She had an absolute blast at the dance.  
She danced so hard and long she got blisters!!!
We got her a new dress, had it altered and she wore it all night long.  
She was beautiful and we had to keep our eye on her the whole night long as there were way too many college guys there!!  Trent has been telling her that as her daddy he is her protector.  
She smiles every time he tells her that.  

Of course, what would I do without my mom?

Jenessa & Hudson.  Not sure what the face is all about.

Trey was peeking during photos before the wedding.

I love these next two photos that Trent got.
Wesley and Hudson having a conversation about something!
I love my boys.

And this?!  How funny is this one?!!!
Trey, Jonah, Hudson
Such dapper dudes!!!

Wesley and Kim leaving the church.

These two love each other so much.

Stella & Isabella (cousins) watching Wesley and Kim drive away.

Grandpa loves his girls!!

He's cute even when you can't see his face!

This is Lisa.  My favorite sister-in-law in the whole world!!
Her son Caleb, the best man, and Wesley have been best friends since my wedding where they first met at 3 years old.  I truly am blessed to have her and Trent's parents as my family.

Waiting to take pictures.  Gotta do somethin'!


This is my best friend Shari (left) and her sister Jennifer.  Shari has been my best friend since 7th grade.  It's such a funny story how it happened that we laugh about it often.  They were my second family growing up.  We were inseperable and would still be if we weren't on opposite sides of the state.  
Shari is the one who drove me to the hospital when I had Wesley.  She's always been there.

Barbara, my other mother!

And Larry, my other father!!
I don't have my picture with him because he was backed in corner and I couldn't get to him!!

Wesley and Caleb at my wedding.
They were one month away from turning 4 years old.
I had two ring bearers without a flower girl and they were the sweetest boys!!
Growing up, Caleb often spent Spring Break with us.  
It was never a dull moment with these two around!!

As the Best Man, Caleb gave a toast.  He did such a good job he even made Wesley cry.
I love these two.

This is Jalana.  Her friends call her J.
Wesley and Kim brought her home for the 4th of July  this year- as her family lives in Florida.  
You could say we adopted her into our family.   
It was here she learned of Turtle Man and has since perfected his call.  
She played basketball at K-State and will graduate in December.  Currently she is waiting on a call from her agent to see where she will play ball next.  She was so nice to my kids and we all love her. 

My boys

Sophie loves her Big GeGe with all her heart.  He is so kind and sweet to her.

These next two crack me up.
Trey and Stella, who are cousins, had something going on for part of the night.
Not sure what they were discussing, but it was darn cute!!

My sweet and beautiful cousin, Ryan!

My sweet boy.

No words needed.  Pictures say it all.

I thought it quite funny that all the preadolescent boys sat front row.  In a group.

This is Domingo.  Also known as Dom.
He was a groomsman.
A very good friend of Wesley's.
He likes my jeans.
Long story.
I am now his Mom, too.
We talked about how Hudson looks more like him than me, even though he is American Indian and Mexican not Chinese.  We decided that since they look alike he might as well join the family, too.
 We love you, Dom!

And this, my friends, is where the evening ended on film.  I say that knowing I have digital.
There were so many friends and family there I still can't believe it.
I was touched that so many drove that far to attend.  
It was a wonderful day. 

Now.....I would like to have just one summer without a life changing event.
I'm exhausted!!


  1. Looks like a great time! The bride was radiant, the groom handsome and all the kiddos cute!! Your Mom is handy to have around!! I have got to meet your kids sometime!!

  2. Congratulations momma!! Looks like a GREAT day!!!

  3. Love this post! May I first say that you look amazing and WAY too young to be a mother-in-law!! The girls look beautiful and the boys look so handsome! I love the old pics of your "little" boy. Almost makes me tear up for you!!

    Love you, my friend! Maybe next year will be uneventful!...yeah...right!

  4. Oh Stacy I love this ... Ryan my oldest just got married last Thursday and it has been a heartbreaker for me. Not only did he not invite or tell me but I had to find out from my youngest son. I wish them the best but after the fight I have had for my sons and the may travels to Football games, track meets and now Marine Bootcamp and the many graduations he has had in the past year it really hurts needless to say. I have to get over this or it will kill me... Sorry to be a downer but you are a great mom and will be a great mother in law there is no doubt... of course you had a great teacher (neva) Love your blog... chat soon