Thursday, August 9, 2012


One year ago (yesterday!) I received my little bundle of testosterone!!
I fell in love with this face the moment I saw him on CCAI's website.  It took months for Trent to say yes- and I might add it was a "I give up" yes!  
Bao YunFei did not know he was getting a family until the orphanage workers put him in the car that morning to drive him to Zhengzhou, China.  I knew by the look on his face he had never seen me before ( I had sent a photo album in a care package months before!) and wasn't real sure about his situation.  I felt SO BAD for him!!  
As much as I wanted to hold him, squeeze him and kiss him to death- I refrained myself.

Some of you might remember that minutes after meeting Bao YunFei he walked....then RAN out the front door!  My thoughts were, "Oh crap!  He's running away!!"

Only to find out all he had to do was pee!!

To say I am IN LOVE with this kid is an understatement.
He is every bit of a Mama's boy yet he can't get enough of hangin' with his dad or brothers.
He chose to go to the farm to stay the night to celebrate his Gotcha Day.
You gotta love his bungie cord knife holder!

His Gotcha Day gift is a huge tackle box!!
He loves to fish!!

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