Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We finally found a day to celebrate Sophie's first birthday home!!
Last Thursday (on her birthday) we had to go out of town to find both of us (and my mom) a dress for Wesley's wedding.
SO......she was sweet enough to allow her party to be 4 days late.
Most of the family was out of town anyway so it worked out best to have it last night.
She had the whole family here and invited a friend to stay the night.  They had so much fun!

It has been our tradition on birthday's to play the Ice Cream and Cake song like they do at Kamp.
She was the first one to remind me that we not forget!
Here she is in action.......

Her friend Tessa and cousin Emma.

She loved every one of her gifts!
Her stash included everything from girly stuff like jewelry, nail kits, hair accessories and lotions....

to Duck Tape knives from Jonah!  Haha!!

She read every one of her cards before she opened the gift.  So thoughtful and sweet.
And, yes....that is a snowman gift bag.  Haha!!

 Sophie had an awesome first birthday home!!

Sophie last year on her 14th birthday.  One day after her adoption.
Big changes people!!!  BIG!!

Tomorrow we will celebrate another VERY special day.
 Gotcha Day for my sweet little Chinese boy.


  1. Happy Birthday Sophie!! And Happy Forever Family Day!! What wonderful days to celebrate!!

  2. Ahhhhhh LOVE! She looks GREAT!!! That joy in her face just shines right on through the computer!!

  3. Look how happy and excited she is! Happy Birthday Sophie!!! Can you believe it's been a year?!