Thursday, August 21, 2014




Wednesday, August 20, 2:00am I got the phone call to come and get Jet.  
Kim and Wesley left for the hospital as soon as I pulled up to their house.  After getting the car seat into my car and packing a few clothes for Jet I quietly wrapped him up, grabbed his puppy he won't sleep without and carried him to the car.  He was awake the whole ride back to my house and didn't make a peep until he saw us pull into the garage and then he uttered a few excited words.
I quickly and quietly brought him in and put him into his bed.  He was asleep in 15 minutes.  
I am so thankful he is happy and comfortable to be whisked away in the middle of the night to come stay at Grandma's house.  He is my sweet boy.
Late the next afternoon I took him to the hospital to meet his little sister where he was quiet and disinterested in her.  He touched her nose a couple of times and then pushed her away. 
Yep!  He's all boy!!!  Balls….not babies!!

Sophie was over 12 and the only one able to go to the hospital to meet Stella.
Since Trey was at Basketball practice last night, he and the other two got to meet Stella today when Kim and Wesley brought her over after they were discharged from the hospital.  

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