Sunday, September 21, 2014


Where does my time go?!  I intended to post this a week ago.

Although it wasn't my boys' first football game of their football career- it was Covenant Academy's first school team football game ever.  And boy was it exciting!!!
Covenant Academy is jumping into the competitive school sports world this year with football, volleyball, basketball and maybe track and cross country. 

Covenant won 33-6!  The boys played great! And most of all they had fun!
Trey is #7 and Hudson is #9

Trey showed his mad football skills with 4 touchdowns and 3 extras.  (That's 27 points!)
Needless to say….he was having a great time!  As was his momma!!

 Trey's position is running back and outside linebacker.

Hudson plays nose guard and receiver and on this play he caught a 30 yard pass!!
Here he is with the ball being tackled.


I call these next two….."David and Goliath"!!
Hudson had to block this 240 pounder all night!  And he did quite well I might add!
He may be the littlest and the youngest, but he might also be the toughest!!!

I love when Trent helps coach his boys.

Hudson amazes me.
His whole life changed only three years ago and he has embraced every single part of it.
 He looks up to Trey and learns so much from him.
God did a wonderful, wonderful thing by giving us this precious gift.
It was a great first win for the Covenant Knights!

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